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Mini Deck - The Tapir Way

Want a mini deck which is not plastic but still flexy and pumpable to the maximum? Then T2.0 from Tapir is for you! The T2.0 has a beautyful natural look. You will just see bamboo and a slight transparent brand at the bottom side. Like every Tapir Deck we put much effort into not representing mainstream.

We equipped nose and tail with a lot of space for your feet so you can apply pumping power directly to the axes.

Due to its length of just a bit over 60 cm this deck is your perfect allround companion wherever you go.

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Your Own Unique Deck

100% Handcrafted

Every single deck is built after being ordered for your purpose. To make it really your baby we put your name underneath the laminate beside the serial number. Be a part of the Tapir brand!

Tapir decks are 100% handmade. Hand sandwiched, hand laminated, hand cut and hand shaped.

3D Concave

And Best Materials

The 3D concave shape ensures best foothold.

We have chosen just the best materials for the best performance: Bamboo, birch, glass fiber approved for aeronautic usage and an epoxy resin system approved by Germanischer Lloyd.

Technical Data

Materials Bamboo, birch, fiber, epoxy resin
Hole Pattern New School
Mid S-Curve